you may be lost
maybe it’s too late
you may be crying
at the start of every day

you may be crazy
maybe you’re too kind
you may be medicated
out of your mind

she may have loved you
she may have cared
that was before
she got scared

when you’re away
she’s sits at home
you hear her whispering
on the telephone

Un Deux Trois Saucisson!

I come from the future
to save the past
i crossed over
our bodies free at last

you may see spirits
floating round your room
people with spears
trying to attack you

You may be lonely
you may be scared
you maybe hanging on
by a thread

you may be dying
from the inside out
the only thing left
is to shout

Un deux trois saucisson!

You may be loose
you may have strayed
maybe you’ve found yourself
in the wrong lane

You’re friends have left you
the money’s gone
you’re suffocating
you tied the bag on

you’re fading fast
a matter of time
before they find your body
way past it’s prime

It’s not death
you fear the most
It’s living
that is cursed

Un deux trois saucisson!